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We know the feeling. You're waiting in line at the cash register at the drugstore...All you need is hemorrhoid cream but you decide to grab some paper towels and soap to help hide that bright yellow box. The checkout person scans all the other products that you "needed" but cant seem to properly scan the tiny box. Suddenly, to your horror and amazement you hear: "Price check on hemorrhoid cream" over the loud speaker....

It happens all the time. We know your pain.

Buying Private is a family run business based in Alberta Canada. Our expertise in health care and our commitment to helping others led us to create this e-store. We specialize in selling personal care products which are known to be uncomfortable or embarrassing to buy from stores.

If you really hate buying that certain product from the drugstore, why not let us help? We'll discreetly send it right to your door and accept various methods of payment.

Check us out!

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